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Why We Do It

First and foremost, we know that today’s youth are tomorrow’s future. That’s why our dynamic and comprehensive mentoring program connects the dots between school, after-school and summer events, and sports programs. When these operate in tandem they can provide basic training for how to live a successful and purpose-filled life.

As a retired NFL player for the New England Patriots and New York Giants, I know first hand how school, community activities, and sports programs can contribute to youth development. Tools such as sportsmanship, preparing to compete, and being a team player helped me to gain an understanding about how to fit into society. Through my participation in football, I was able to earn a college scholarship. From there I received a college degree from the University of the Pacific. The skills I acquired and tools I learned to use also contributed to my success later in life as a professional sports player, business man, community volunteer and mentor, and now as Executive Director of Fence At The Top.

We are here to achieve three important goals: provide a safe haven for youth, instill youth with a sense of purpose and focus develop skills and tools that will help youth set and achieve their goals

Fence At The Top staff and community experts want to see Sonoma County youth become productive citizens. That’s why we have developed a series of activities and hands-on experiences that can help them not only overcome challenging circumstances but also succeed.

It is a privilege to offer the youth of our community a chance to learn how to identify and realize goals. It is also an opportunity to pass on the valuable lessons we learned as youth about how to take responsibility, develop self-control, acquire meaningful educations, and become leaders.

God Bless
Honor Jackson,
Executive Director
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Fence at the Top is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
All donations are deductible for federal and state tax purposes.

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